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Roll To Play Podcast is about playing and enjoying tabletop role playing games. Game Master Kent Blue will run single scenarios from different game systems for his friends each month.


16.3 Havoc Brigade Part 3

Thursday Jun 21, 2018

Thursday Jun 21, 2018

Havoc Brigade Part 3
Game Master: Kent Blue
Players: Dave, Andrew, Kristin, and Glenn
Run Time: 54:14
We are back at it to finish up Havoc Brigade byGrant Howitt.The Orcs have wrecked theGrand Bazaar and set the city into a frenzy.Will they find the prince? Will they complete their mission? Will the animals rise up and take over?Listen and find out! You can find this game and more of Grant’s excellent work over on his website,Rowan, Rook, and Decard.
Playing as the titular Havoc Brigadewe have some of the crew from the Wait Wait, Don’t Roll Mepodcast.Listen, if you aren’t subscribed to Wait Wait, Don’t Roll Me, you really should be.
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